5958928977 6687674783 m How does water pollution affect the water cycle?
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Question by cj: How does water pollution affect the water cycle?

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Answer by Evelyn Dorothy
According to the water cycle, water will be absorbed to the land (soil) and rivers will stream from the upstream to the downstream and released to the sea. In normal situation organic pollutants are biodegraded by microbes and converted to a form that brings benefits to the aquatic life. Inorganic pollutants are widely dispersed and have almost no effect to the environment which they are released to.

In a small scale, both inorganic and organic pollutants safely decompose throughout the stream, their concentration decrease in the sea, and they don’t harm the sea ecosystem and its distribution. But in an excessive scale, communities in beach and estuary will be affected by the pollutants, and can heavily harm them.

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