Issue by ♥Ɠ¤đ’ş ĿȋƮƮȴȩ ȺȠǥƐƪ♥: Challenge about environmental troubles. Any tips?
I need support with finding an environmental problem I could get up locally to locate a resolution. This is for my environmental chemistry class. Must be a unique (and enjoyable please) thought. I stay in Puerto Rico, if it assists any.

Many thanks!

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Solution by Siraj Beshir
Environmental parts are interdependent forms chain of the issue. Consequently, to propose any answer you have to prioritize the issue based mostly on three dimension of sustainability i.e.,regardless of whether socially acceptable, economically viable and ecologically adaptable. Then you have to establish a root of the dilemma instead than offering a answer for signs or symptoms you have to give resolution for a lead to.

deforestation-land degradation-soil erosion-water degradation-reduction of soil nutrient-growing or reducing of simple or acidity in the atmosphere- acid rain-influencing of soil natural and organic and in natural properties-reduction productivity-poverty-world-wide warming

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