Question by pollo: Human caused environmental problems?
List 7 human caused environmental problems and describe 3

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Answer by scottsdalehigh64
1. Deforestation. This is happening at a great rate in the tropics where rain forests are being cut down and burned to provide crop land.

2. Ozone hole. This is caused by the release of chloro-fluorocarbons into the atmosphere. These were used as refrigerants and aerosol propellants.

3. Emission of greenhouse gases
4. Loss of species in the oceans.

5. Extinction of many large mammals on the land. The data shows that when people first arrived in Australia, they killed off the largest marsupials. When they arrived in the Western Hemisphere, there was a similar loss of large mammals.

6. Pollution of the ground water and surface fresh water
7. Reduction in the genetic variability of plants

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