Query by poetess: Damaging environmental effect of tourism in the Philippines?
Examples of negative results of tourism on the atmosphere in the Philippines. Make sure you cite your sources and if you wrote a paper on it, please deliver it to homeworksarehard@yahoo.com

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Reply by Paul
As much as I enjoy this country, it pains me to say the following. I believe that, generally speaking, Filipinos are their own worst enemies when it arrives to a damaging environmental influence. Travelers who pay a visit to right here lead to much much less bad environmental effect than do the Philippine citizens.

In most places of the Philippines, trash is thrown out like it is nothing. If you are riding a jeepney, a bus, or yet another kind of public transportation, Filipinos have no problem at all in throwing plastic wrappers, and so forth., from the automobile as it goes down the street.

On the other hand, I, however, make a conscious effort to set my trash aside, location it in my backpack, or to place it in a bin on the vehicle prior to stopping at my vacation destination. I believe that several vacationers, divers for case in point, are considerably a lot more environmentally aware and go out of their way to preserve the region clean, especially the waters in which they dive.

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