Question by selizabeth1224: If whales have been to grow to be extinct, how would the affect on the ecosystem have an effect on people?
I’m performing a speech on industrial whaling and require to show relevancy, so the more rapidly I get a good reply, the much better. I realize that if whales had been to turn into extinct, it would throw the oceanic ecosystem out of whack. But, my query is: How would the imbalance in the ecosystem affect humans? Significant Answers ONLY Please – don’t give ignorant answers just to get points.

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Solution by Oscar
I have study that 98 % of all species that came into existence on earth are currently extinct. My conclusion is that if a species dies out, one thing else will fill the market that they formerly occupied.

The affect on human beings is probable to be minimum. Species arrive and species go and usually have.

The ecosystem is not as fragile as some would have you believe. If a certain species can not survive in the atmosphere as it exist at the time it dies out. And a thing else evolves or will take it is spot.

There are numerous species that have turn into extinct in our existence time. See any fantastic affect from them heading? The excuse for the endangered species act. Other than an excuse for the federal government to waste funds what has been the impact? So what would make whales so particular?

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