Question by matt: How to set up an aquarium/closed ecosystem?
Hi. I am purchasing a 30-40 gallon fish tank and I would like to attempt to make a closed self sustainng ecosystem. My stop objective is to have goldfish and guppies in there, not numerous, so I will need brine shrimp and plankton for them to consume. Plankton are plants so they’ll photosynthesize and brine shrimp can eat plankton and the fish poo. Does anyone have any guidelines on what else to add. I’m contemplating more in terms of plants but I want every thing to be self sustaining so any more bottom feeders would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Reply by Ghapy
Who informed you brine shrimp will eat your fish poo, or stay and breed in your freshwater tank? That won’t operate. Phytoplankton – properly, possibly, but I doubt it will preserve fish like this heading for that long – though having lots of algae in the tank will help.

If you are heading to do this – remain away from goldfish and stick to guppies. Goldfish are very messy and grow massive – they’re the worst achievable choice for an experiement like this. Maintain the bio-load quite, really light. A handful of guppies is plenty to experiment with.

You are going to want plenty and tons of plants – plants ought to be your main concern just before livestock. If you’ve by no means even kept a planted tank just before, then maybe you must get some practice before you attempt this. For bottom feeders attempt opportunistic omnivores like shrimp, but stay away from the bottom dwelling fish, they will not make it with out becoming fed.

I believe if you can get a good heavily planted tank going it will get care of the biological waste management, but you’ll even now want to be concerned in changing h2o to revitalize it, and remove physical waste (no livestock eats fish waste). In the short term the fish will be ready to make due with what they come across in the tank, but for lengthy phrase well being you will end up needing to supplement their diet regime, at least occasionally.

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