Question by Annie: Why do Republicans deny that climate change is happening?
It’s probably because their biggest misconception is that oil doesn’t hurt anyone or more to the point, their biggest contributors to their party would not be making the billions.
There are hundreds of studies showing the damage already done & how to fix it. Other countries are making huge efforts to slow the process.
Climate change will effect EVERYONE.

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Answer by love;angel;music;baby;<3
WELL, maybe it’s the DEMOCRATS who haven’t been paying attention.

Apparently, you missed the emails between two climate change experts (scientisits) saying they were wrong about global warming, but they had to keep going along with it to save their reputations. That’s why it is now known as “Climate Change”

I’m undecided still. I listen to MSNBC, CNN, and FOX

Let’s not forget, socialist democrats like to go with what’s popular, as in global warming.

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